Low-code design project overview

Low-code project development in DevMagic Studio provides visual designers for you to create EF Core models, EF Core entities, enumerations, (coming in 2023) views, and (coming in 2023) workflows.

Dedicated low-code project types are provided in DevMagic Studio. You can only work on such low-code projects in DevMagic Studio. Using the low-code design project, you can automatically generate standard .NET projects that contain controllers, services and web views. It is possible to open and maintain the auto-generated .NET projects in any .NET development environment (for example, Visual Studio).

There are two low-code development modes: Model First (creating the entities/models first and then generating the database from entity/model) and Database First (creating the database first and then generating the entity/model from this database).

The “database first” mode will be coming in 2023.