Installing and setting up DevMagic Studio

Installing components

When installing DevMagic Studio Preview version, make sure the following jobs/components are selected for installation:

  • Make sure the Low-code development category (as well as all jobs under this category) is selected and installed.

    A SQLite database will be used by default when developing a low-code design project, so check SQLite database support.

  • Under the Database connection category, make sure the database type you want to use is selected and installed.

    The following database types support low-code: SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.

    If you choose MySQL or Oracle database support, you will be asked to agree to their software license agreement. Click Confirm to agree.

Configuring the network environment

Internet connection is required when you work in DevMagic Studio:

  1. When developing the low-code design project, you would need to download the dependencies from the NuGet website. Specifically, a number of DevMagic NuGet packages are required.

  2. Once you generate .NET projects from the low-code design projects, the generated .NET projects have no dependencies on any of the DevMagic NuGet packages. The projects only need to download NuGet packages for the libraries used in the code.

If you are connecting to the Internet through a proxy, first make sure that the proxy is working properly and that the NPM site is not excluded from the exceptions list. Then set the proxy IP and port via the NPM command:

npm config set proxy="http://[ProxyIP]:[Port]/"

If the network connection is normal, but DevMagic Studio still prompts a network connection error, please restart the DevMagic Studio IDE and try again.