DevMagic Studio Release Bulletin

Last update: October 2022

This document contains important notes about the DevMagic Studio product releases.

Preview version

Build 1812

System Requirements

Please refer to the Environment Preparation section in the installation documentation.

Known Issues

DevMagic Studio Preview version has the following known issues:

  1. When creating a model or a field, the first letter of the model name or field name must be an upper-case letter, otherwise, the code reference to the model or field will be incorrect.

  2. After you rename an entity file, the entity file will be blank when opened in the Entity Designer, because the dependency relationships are not synchronized correctly.

  3. When you start a Web API which contains build error, you will be prevented to select to start any other app from the run list. To workaround this issue, you can restart the DevMagic Studio IDE.

  4. If you define the default value of a field to be an expression (such as NewGuid(), Now()), you should not select the “Creatable” option for this field, otherwise the default value will not take effect.

  5. The default value set in the Model Designer failed to display in the front-end application.

  6. If the expression defined for a default value have references to the other fields, it will cause compilation error. To workaround this issue, you should change the field type to Compute, and then define an expression for the value (the computed field expression can have references to the other fields).

  7. The computed fields in the model cannot have reference to the other fields in the same model, the code will be generated incorrectly.

  8. The model file may not generate code correctly if it is copied from another design project, because the reference relationship may not be restored successfully after copied. To workaround the issue, you can close and then open the solution again.

  9. Using computed column in the query condition and sort condition will cause errors at runtime.

  10. When you design a model and switch the data type or the condition item type, all of the properties will be cleared.

  11. When a model makes reference to an entity, the code will be generated incorrectly.

  12. A Guid-type field does not support the condition operator “Contains”. You can use the NewGuid() expression to assign values for Guid-type fields.

  13. Complicated conditions will fail to be concatenated into one condition, due to known issues in the LINQ extension functions.

  14. Data correlation does not work in the front-end application.

  15. The “Query group” option in the “Condition Design” tab is not working.

  16. Whenever you generate projects, the code is automatically generated all the time. If you have made changes to the code, you should manage the code through a source control system to avoid your changes being overwritten.

  17. The low-code design project does not support NuGet package management, for example, NuGet packages cannot be automatically or manually installed or updated in the low-code design project.

  18. If you define a one-to-one relationship between entities or models, the code cannot be generated correctly. (The one-to-many relationships and the many-to-many relationships have no such problems.)

  19. If you change a field name in the entity, the reference will still use the old name, and you will have to manually change the field name in references.