What’s New in DevMagic Studio

Last Updated: October 2022

New features in DevMagic Studio Preview

DevMagic Studio Preview version has the following new features or changes:

Powerful code generation

Provides visual designer for EF Core and generates standard C# source code from the “design” project. It goes far beyond many other tools for EF Core, automatically generating almost everything you need:

  • Automatically generates entities, models, enums, search conditions, expressions, inheritance and more.
  • Automatically generates complete CRUD APIs and services.
  • Automatically generates the DbContext including the relationships (one-to-one mapping, master-detail mapping etc.), navigation properties, cascaded update, TPT (table per type) mapping, deletion strategy, indexing, data precision, default value (using SQL etc.), value converter, and more.
  • Automatically generates LINQ for CRUD, supports Lambda expression, LINQ sort, aggregation, and supports to convert expressions to LINQ, and more.
  • Automatically generates code and table schema based on EF Core attributes including key, validation, concurrency check, basic converter (such as CollectionToString, ObjectToString etc.), one-to-one mapping relationship, one-to-many relationship, many-to-many relationship, and more.
  • Automatically generates reports from business models, including aggregating data or statistics from multiple entities into one model, embedding one model into another model, and more.